Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma 100% Variegated (TC)


The Monstera Deliciosa-related Philodendron “Ginny” (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma) is a vining plant. One of today’s more aesthetically pleasing house plants is a rare tropical aroid with tiny decorative leaves with split lobes around 6″ across.

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Var.‘s multicolored variety is very uncommon, becoming one of the most well-liked plants! Variegation can occur naturally, although it is more frequently seen in plants that have undergone genetic modification through propagation and selective breeding. How to keep Ginny content and flourishing in your home.

Place your plant in a location that receives lots of natural light while keeping it out of direct sunshine. It enjoys warmth and a healthy dose of dampness. It can endure the weather outside. Water your plant once the top few inches of soil have begun to dry up.


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