Monstera Thai Constellation 100% Variegated (TC)

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Monstera Thai Constellation was developed in a lab in Thailand and has been in demand all along. The highlight of this gorgeous Monstera is permanent variegation. Furthermore, it has large leaves with creamy white variegated scattered across the leaves like a constellation as its name. The Monstera Thai Constellations prefer bright ambient light and humidity, so positioning it in an airy place and not overwater is recommended.

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5 reviews for Monstera Thai Constellation 100% Variegated (TC)

  1. Susie S.

    Good quality! The plants look so pretty. Thank you for your service.

  2. Ronnie A.

    My order arrived in good condition and in a good packaging. Also fast delivery and reasonable price!.

  3. Elisa Sumner

    Good packaging, I love it.

  4. Kacey Lam

    Fast delivery in a good packaging. All tissues look healthy.

  5. Kiran Clark

    My friend brought me here. I’m really surprised that you are so nice. I’ll grow this in my garden beside my Philos.

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