Musa Florida 100% Variegated (TC)

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Musa Florida Variegated is one of the adorable variegated plants in the Musaceae family that plant lovers seek all time. Its unique green and white variegation pattern are captivating and outstanding as if it were a gorgeous painting. Thus, decorating the Musa Florida Variegated will make your house more stylish and fresh. This easy-to-care plant is preferable to loam soil, soft light, and high humidity but not overwater.


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5 reviews for Musa Florida 100% Variegated (TC)

  1. passion bouture

    au top du top la qualité est au rendez vous 😉

  2. Teddie S.

    I ordered 5 Musa Florida, they arrived in a good packaging and all of them are in good condition. Thank you.

  3. Reilly Chan

    Love your services bro. Thanks for these pretty healthy plants.

  4. Edward Buck

    The seller is responsive and helpful in providing me details about the plant and making payment. Didn’t take me long before I decided to make a purchase.

  5. Tashan Winter

    I’ve been looking for a Musa Florida Variegated for a while. It’s worth it for this store. GREAT QUALITY!

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