Philodendron Pink Princess Marble (TC)

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Philodendron Pink Princess is one of the all-time favorite houseplants because of its stunning hot pink variegation appearance. For growing to its maximum beauty, Pink Princess loves to spray watering, stay in the dry soil, an airy and bright place, but don’t let the sunlight touch it directly for keeping the leaves beautiful longer.

70-90% chance of variegation

Start from 58 USD / 15 plants

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2 reviews for Philodendron Pink Princess Marble (TC)

  1. Saarah Bains

    Love your services bro. Thanks for these pretty healthy Pink Princess.

  2. Enya Chua

    I like pink color plant. I got PPP from Me-greenery recently. Posted from Thailand to bangkok with nice packaging, arrived safely within 8 days in my citi – Miri, Sarawak – Malaysia. Thanks to Me-greenery for walk the talk to provide me a quality plant and packaging. Thanks

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