Philodendron Florida Beauty (TC)

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Philodendron Florida beauty is commonly called Florida. It can qualify itself for all kinds of weather conditions. The Florida loves to stay in sunlight and doesn’t need a lot of water. Moreover, if you want to make it look fresh and shiny, you can wipe the leaves with a damp fabric.

10-30% chance of variegation

Start from 20 USD / 10 plants

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4 reviews for Philodendron Florida Beauty (TC)

  1. Diego Burrows

    Healthy, beautiful tissues and good packaging with no damage on the tissues when arrived.

  2. Sana Ryan

    The promotion attracts me here. You have a good standard so keep doing it.<3

  3. A.L Carey

    Tissue looks green and healthy. Decent price and timely delivery in a firm packaging. I’m not disappointed at all!

  4. Ryan Chua

    I ordered 10 TC florida beauty from Me-greenery. All arrived with long roots and healthy plants. Variegation will come slowly as it when it get matured. If you want a cheap rare plant, Me-greenery is definitely a fist choice. Not believe my comment? Drop me an email at [email protected]. I will show you prove. Haha.. Enjoy planting…

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