Musa NoNo *white var. 100% / pink var. 90% (TC)

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Musa NoNo is a desirable banana plant because its bewitching and unique variegated pattern can win plant lovers’ hearts and recently becoming popular in the plant market. It has huge green leaves with white or pink variegation. Plus, it also has a 90% chance of pink variegated. This fascinating Musa NoNo loves 50% humidity, so maintaining the soil moist with water regular is the perfect key.


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1 review for Musa NoNo *white var. 100% / pink var. 90% (TC)

  1. [email protected]

    Il sont magnifiques avec des ramifications déjà incroyable

    Musa NoNo *white var. 100% / pink var. 90% (TC)
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      Thank you for your support!

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