Alocasia Silver Dragon Variegated


What’s more to add to your variegated Alocasia collection? How about Alocasia Silver Dragon Variegated? This charming Alocasia is unique by its silver leaves. When they are combined with light yellow and white variegation, it’s incredible! This plant is thus a very rare item, especially with more beautiful variegated patterns. However, the more variegated, the more sensitive. Therefore, knowing important core conditions for Alocasia is necessary.
How to care: most Alocasia love high humidity as they are all found in rainforests or tropical countries. If the area where you grow them is dry, find the humidifier. In the same way, regularly spray water on your plant. For the light, direct light will burn Alocasia. Your plant loves shade light or bright indirect light. Moreover, it loves well drained soil. By the way, overwatering is almost the top reason why planters fail. The tip is to water the plant when the soil is actually dry, but don’t let it dry for a long time.

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