Alocasia Black Velvet Gold

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Alocasia Black Velvet is one of the most popular Alocasia. For this Alocasia Black Velvet Gold, it is another form that has gorgeous golden yellow variegated leaves, a must-have plant for aurea plants lover!. You can grow them indoors where it is warm and high humidity. Humidifier will be a great friend for your plant. Keep your plant away from direct sunlight. Soaking your plant in water is not the right thing to do as well. However, note that Alocasia is basically a sensitive plant to care. But don’t be worried. Just grow them in the right place and right condition.

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1 review for Alocasia Black Velvet Gold

  1. Dana Schmidt

    Great communication, high quality plant, packaged perfect, and gorgeous roots. Very impressed

    Alocasia Black Velvet Gold
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