Philodendron Ring of Fire 90% Variegated (TC)

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Philodendron Ring of Fire is one of the slow-growing, yet worth waiting for plants because of their exciting leaves variegation which can range in many colors from dark green, light green, red, orange, yellow, and cream to white. It also has an extraordinary leaves margin like a blade, which is very fantastic. Its favorite place is bright and indirect sunlight near windows, well thriving in drainage soil, and doesn’t like much water. *Variegation of tissue cultures has a low possibility to be variegated, so it’s another way of excited challenging to grow plants*


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3 reviews for Philodendron Ring of Fire 90% Variegated (TC)

  1. Erica Hogan

    I apologize for the misunderstanding and thank you so much for the worthy plants.

  2. Asher Brown

    Appreciated. Good services.

  3. Erika B.

    I ordered 20 of them and all the tissues looked healthy when they were delivered, looking forward to seeing them grow!

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