Syngonium Wendlandii ‘Scrambled Eggs’


One of Syngonium wendlandii’s most captivating and distinctive forms is the “Scrambled Egg.” The rarest variation is quite valuable and collectible. A must for every collector of Syngonium! The leaves are a deep shade of green, velvety, and have a silver marking in the center. The variegation on the leaves creates varied patterns in tones of yellow and cream. This plant is incredibly remarkable and highly sought after by the majority of plant lovers due to its unique color combination. Please keep in mind that temperatures between 18° and 23°, increased humidity, and bright indirect light are ideal for this unique syngonium. Before watering, the top layers of soil should somewhat dry to prevent waterlogging.

Pot Size: 6 Inches

Plant Height: 19 Cm.

Start from 35 USD/ plant

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