Philodendron Joepii (TC)

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The Philodendron Joepii grows long, strap-shaped leaves with two short lobes at the attachment, but it is now almost extinct in the jungles of South America. One of the rarest Philodendrons, the plant is difficult to find in the wild and rare. That’s why its price is high and one of the most sought-after plants for every collector! It is a plant that is simple to maintain. Philodendron Joepii grows well in indirect light that is moderate to bright. In order to maintain the health of your Philodendron Joepii, you should water it once every one to two weeks during the summer.


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1 review for Philodendron Joepii (TC)

  1. Susie S.

    The plants came in pretty nicely! I love them so much. Thank you team for the good service.

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