Philodendron Black Cardinal Variegated


Philodendron Black Cardinal “variegated,” unlike many other philodendrons, is a “self-heading” philodendron that does not grow into a vine.As the plant ages, the vivid colors become more apparent.A blackish red “spathe” will form on the plant under optimal circumstances. Each plant is a distinct individual because of the nature of variegation. There will be some variation across plants and even between individual leaves on the same plant. Because of this, we are unable to promise a particular level of variance over time. Though, because of this quality, it has made the Philodendron black cardinal “variegated,” which is unique and exquisite on many levels.

Although these plants prefer warm, sunny environments, excessive light can cause the color of the leaves to fade or even turn brown. Keep the soil just moist but never soggy when you’re watering.

Pot Size:  4 Inches

Plant Height: 14 Cm.

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