Monstera Thai Constellation Creme Brûlée


One of the most beautiful Monsteras nowadays is the Thai Constellation Creme Brulee! This Thai Constellation appears to be a mix of Thai Constellation and Albo due to the ultra white variegation on the leaf. Collectors refer to this specimen’s remarkable pattern variation as “Creme Brûlée.” There is no denying that it will make everyone’s jaw drop and enhance the beauty of your indoor garden! The plant should not be consumed since it contains poison and might irritate the skin. Keep children and pets at a distance. To maintain the richly variegated leaves, this plant requires strong, diffused light.

The variegated plants should ideally be kept in bright indirect light. They prefer regular watering but do not like to have “wet feet,” and aroid mix soil is said to be the best option.

Pot Size: 8 Inches

Plant Height: 25 Cm.


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