Monstera Aurea Var. (TC)


It is possible to distinguish Monstera aurea from other variegated Monstera plants thanks to its highly distinctive characteristics. Unlike other white variegated plants you’ve ever had, this variety of Monstera Aurea has distinctive and lovely yellow variegations! It features magnificent big leaves, an unusual shape, and fenestrations that resemble Monstera deliciosa quite a bit. 

The most popular indoor gardening trend right now! For your monstera aurea plant to thrive, it will need well-draining soil, ideal humidity levels of 65% and above, temperature ranges between 65 and 80° F, bright, indirect sunlight, appropriate watering—it should be watered at least once or twice a week in summer and just once a week in winter—and well-watered soil.

70-90% chance of variegation

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