Drosera Spatulata, a Charming Carnivorous Plants For a New Planter

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Drosera Spatulata, a Charming Carnivorous Plants For a New Planter


The carnivorous plant is one of the most attractive plants in nature. It has to lure insects for food, so it modifies itself to be attractive to fool the insects. For example, “Drosera Spatulata” is a beautiful and exotic carnivorous plant that even people may be fascinated by. In addition, the Drosera Spatulata, also known as “Sundew” is easy to grow. If you want to grow hardy carnivorous plants, you should consider it. If you want to get to know more about the Drosera Spatulata, let’s see it!


The Origin of the Drosera Spatulata

Drosera Spatulata

The scientific name of Drosera Spatulata was given by Jacques-Julien Labillardière, a French biologist, in 1804 while his exploring. This species is found in New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, southern Asia, China, and Japan. Since the Drosera Spatulata has many locations, it results in various related species.


The Characteristics of the Drosera Spatulata

Drosera Spatulata

The beauty of the Drosera Spatulata is famous. It has a multi-lobed petiole. There is a drop-like tubercle at the tip of its plate-shaped leaves which is the origin of its name. Transparent blisters are mucilage used for trapping insects. When the insects are attached, they will be decomposed. Then, it will use those nutrients to feed its stems. How is it? Just reading it feels like you are standing in the fresh morning amid nature, isn’t it? If you are interested, we have care tips for you.


How to Care for the Drosera Spatulata

Drosera Spatulata

This is our highlight today. As mentioned in the topic title, Drosera Spatulata is easy to grow. Even beginners can plant it easily because it is a hardy carnivorous plant. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The care tip is simple and easy. Just be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight as the Drosera Spatulata are not very fond of sunlight, unlike the Venus Flytrap which prefers sunlight. You can either plant it on a window sill or grow it indoors with fluorescent lights on. The planting soil should be nutrient-rich soil suitable for carnivorous plants. Mixing half of the sphagnum moss with half of the perlite is perfect. Moreover, you should use demineralized water, such as rainwater since carnivorous plants already contain nutrients from the insects’ absorption. Keep watering when the soil dries out. Just follow these steps, and the Drosera Spatulata will grow happily.


Drosera Spatulata

How about the Drosera Spatulata that we have introduced? Gorgeous and easy-to-grow plant like this, you have to plant one! Finally, if you are interested in the Drosera Spatulata tissue cultures but are still hesitant or have a question, we are happy to advise and export the best quality plants from Thailand to you.


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